Congratulate kinghonr CCTV advertising officially aired

In November 2014, kinghonor sent good news again. Kinghonor will take the lead in reaching a strategic partnership with CCTV in the industry and become the first brand new air system broadcasting brand of CCTV. This is the success of our company’s winning bid for the China National Space Technology Research Institute’s super large spacecraft assembly test center and all physical simulation laboratory. Another major move after the equipment procurement project. According to the relevant personnel of Gaoke Jinxin Company, Kinghonor’s comprehensive cooperation with CCTV has the following three purposes.

First, further expand the popularity of the kinghonor brand in the country, and take the opportunity to return the old franchisees who have supported the development of kinghonor in recent years. Let the honourers of kinghonor have better persuasiveness and competitiveness in promoting and selling kinghonor products. This time, CCTV’s successful cooperation also won the support and cooperation of the majority of franchisees. The old franchisees responded particularly enthusiastically. They all expressed their strong support for the franchisees and hope for the future market prospects of kinghonor.

Second, further expand the investment scale of the kinghonor brand, and attract more people of insight to join the kinghonor intelligent fresh air system. The general manager of our company Civilization said that for the new franchisees who joined the kinghonor. Kinghonor will provide the following two preferential policies. The first is the strong support of the opening materials, Wen Zong said that all the new franchisees who joined kinghonor before December 25, 2014, kinghonor will provide 15,000 yuan of opening materials support. Secondly, the franchisee’s opening support, for the new joining kinghonor dealers, kinghonor headquarters will provide a full range of opening support, including materials, the establishment of the opening plan, the rebate of advertising costs and so on. At that time, Kinghonor Headquarters will administer a large number of professional staff to assist franchisees to open, ensuring that franchisees can get more than 10 sets of orders when they start business. The leadership of Kinghonor has made a lot of speeches. “Opening support is a summary of the cooperation experience between Kinghonor and professional marketing planning company. Kinghonor will share it with franchisees without reservation. The most fearful thing about the new wind system is that the business can’t start. Many franchisees lose confidence. The loss of enthusiasm for further investment, from the impact of the development of the kinghonor brand in the local. Kinghonor has unique experience in the store sales, community promotion, channel construction, cross-industry alliance, etc. It can be said that joining kinghonor, as long as you dare to invest, Kinghonor strives to ensure your success.”

Third, increase the centripetal force and cohesiveness of the kinghonor employees and franchisees, and further carry out the details and promote the quality movement within the kinghonor. The ultimate success of a brand depends on the employee’s centripetal force, cohesiveness and control of the details. Kinghonor can become a strategic partner of CCTV. It is inseparable from the silent dedication of many employees of Kinghonor for many years. It is inseparable from the pursuit of quality by many old employees. During the broadcast of the kinghonor CCTV advertisement, Kinghonor will organize an assembly assembly skill competition within the company to evaluate excellent equipment technicians. The skills and practices of excellent assemblers are formed into words and systems, so that every employee can strictly follow the standards of excellent assemblers. At the same time, the installer of the franchisee will be required to strictly implement the new installation operation specifications. This can greatly improve the customer satisfaction of kinghonor.

As the leading brand of high-end household fresh air system in China, kinghonor will strengthen management and innovation in the production, design, sales and installation of fresh air system. It is necessary to embark on a different road from the brand of general fresh air system. Only in this way can it be in the fierce market. On the top of the column.